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Beginnings -

Growing up my mom would take me to Rodeo Dr. or the Jewelry District in Downtown Los Angeles where we would window shop, collect inspiration, and imagine how the jewelry would look on us. We would then go to outlets and jewelry supply stores and use that inspiration to create unique pieces of our own. I was mesmerized by the way jewelry made her feel and how glamorous I thought she looked wearing our pieces. Those experiences, the design, creative elements, and production process were the foundations of Kazmhr Jewels.


Dream -

In the back of my mind, I knew that I wanted to work with jewelry, but I didn’t have a clear vision of how to achieve my goal and make a career move. I played it safe, I worked for one company then another going through the motions. I struggled to find my niche or even be satisfied with these jobs. All the while I was learning more about design, business, and branding. I realized creating jewelry was more than precious stones and metals. It’s about giving confidence and self-assuredness. I realized that I could help people express style and flare through my jewelry designs. When the time came, I parted ways with my employer and took a leap of faith.


Vision - 

Kazmhr Jewels started with a desire to create, inspire, and empower. Every Kazmhr piece is hand-selected and curated with a vision of strong women in mind. When you wear Kazmhr we want you to feel invincible, because when you feel good, anything is possible.

Go hard, look good.

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